An assessment of liver function test in typhoid fever in children

  • Dr Hemant Jain M.G.M. Medical College, Indore ( MP)
  • Dr Sunil Arya M.G.M. Medical College, Indore ( MP)
  • Dr Sadaf Ikram M.G.M. Medical College, Indore ( MP)
  • Dr Rashika Mandloi M.G.M. Medical College, Indore ( MP)
  • Dr.Virendra Xess P.G Student, Department of Pediatrics, M.G.M. Medical College, Indore (MP)
Keywords: Typhoid, Salmonella, Serum glutamic oxaloacetictransaminase, Serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase, Liver function test


Background:  Liver involvement is known in typhoid and may be in the form of hepatomegaly, jaundice, biochemical and histopathological changes. Isolated hepatomegaly is of no clinical significance, but its occurrence with jaundice though rare indicates liver involvement as a result of generalized toxemia or invasion by salmonella. Significant liver damage may have occurred without obvious clinical signs or abnormal laboratory tests.

Aim of study: Assessment of liver functionin typhoid fever in children diagnosed by widal agglutination test by biochemical test.

Setting: Fifty four cases  of  typhoid  fever less than 16 years admitted in Paediatric  Department  MY Hospital, MGM  Medical College Indore, comprised  the  clinical material  for  the  study.

Design: Cross sectional study.

Method: 54 children with enteric fever were taken after making clinical diagnosis,confirmed by Widaltest and LFT was performed to assess liver involvement.

Result: Hepatomegaly was seen in 19[35%] cases and tender hepatomegaly was seen in 2 cases of the study group. S.G.O.T was raised in 27[50%] cases and S.G.P.T was raised in 25[46%] cases out of total 54 cases. Most of the cases with raised S.G.O.T and S.G.P.T  presented  in  the  2nd  week  of  fever .Serum bilirubin was raised in only 2 cases.

Statistical Analysis: for statistical analysis Kruskalwallis test was applied.

Conclusion: Out of 54 cases S.G.O.T was raised in 27 cases and S.G.P.T in 25 cases .Most cases with raised S.G.O.T and S.G.P.T  presented  in  the s 2nd  week   of  fever.Serum bilirubin was raised in only 2 cases.


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An assessment of liver function test in typhoid fever in children
DOI: 10.17511/ijpr.2016.i07.05
Published: 2016-07-31
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